GRIMM Lawn Care

Born in a family of farmers in Brazil, I had the privilege of growing up surrounded by nature and a sense of responsibility towards its care. Taking care of all things green runs in my blood. 

Quality of service and efficiency is something that I have learned from my father from an early age. Me and my 2 brothers shared the responsibility of taking care of our yard and most of the maintenance of the big house we lived in. 

In our farm, from an early age I was given the responsibility of dealing with heavy and expensive machinery. This taught me to never take things for granted, and always be careful with everything that came into my hands. 

Working in the family farm for most of my adult life, I have learned to tend to things as if they were my own – even when they are not. 

Having an urge to built my own business and improve the life quality of my small family of two, I came to the US with the same principles that guided me until this point. 

My roots raised me to be hard working, reliable, efficient and attentive to details. I am proud of where I came from, and I am honored to serve you and your family in the best way that I can.

Delivering my absolute best was all that I learned to do.

Thiago Grimm

Principles of our work



Working with criteria and attention to details is indispensable whenever we are working.



Taking our job seriously is part of our company DNA. We take pride on being reliable and trustworthy.



Treating everyone the same, we are respectful. Maintaining a caring and kind manner is important for us.

Why choose our company


Being trustworthy is something really important for our company. We want to make sure you can count on us!

Detail oriented

We strongly believe that the details have to be looked at and taken care of.

Fair prices

We value your money, and appreciate the investment you make in our services.

Premium quality

For us it's not only about your satisfaction. Our efforts are always directed to provide you a service that makes us proud.


We honor the investment you make in our business, and we demonstrate that by being committed to you and your family.

Open to feedback

Our efforts are to provide you the best service we can, and we are open to learn from you what can that entitle.

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